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Communities Are Built On Ideas

What is Holyoke Soup, you say?

Holyoke Soup is a dinner celebrating creative projects in Holyoke.

For  a $5 minimum donation, attendees receive soup, salad, bread, and hear four presentations ranging from business ideas, urban agriculture, social justice, social entrepreneurs, education, technology, and much more.

After hearing the four ideas attendees will vote for the project they like best. The presenter that receive the most votes goes home with all of the money raised to carry out their project.

Winners come back to a future Soup dinner to inform their community on their project’s progress.

Empower Residents

If you live in Holyoke then you’re a part of a community. That means you have ideas, opinions, and possible solutions to some of the problems your city faces. Holyoke soup is the place where ideas come to life and take shape by citizens who care about the well-being of their city.

Build Networks

A city is never built by one person. It takes all of us to care enough to work together for the benefit of our community. Holyoke Soup is the place where great food and ideas come together. Where younger and older generations hear each other out over a meal.

Promote Change

Someone once said “Everyone wants to change for the better,but very few are willing to take the necessary steps to create that change.” Holyoke Soup is a step towards change, because the greatest change starts with people working together.

2017 Soup Dates

February 1 

May 24

August 2

October 25th 


Holyoke Soup Cash Winners

February Winner

Katy Moonan
Project: Tejo Holyoke
Wins: $400


January Winner

  Public Schools Edition

Erin Cauley
Project: Robotics Program
Wins: $921

March Winner

Charles Berard
Project: Jazz Cafe
Wins: $300

February Winner

Dean Tech’s Culinary Arts
Project: Robotics Program
Wins: $336

August Winner

Anna Regali
Project: Book Scholarship for Holyoke High Students
Wins: $460

May Winner

Chris Gibaldi
Project: Learn In Motion
Wins: $236

October Winner

Gina Nelson
Project: Free lunch for Veterans
Wins: $305

August Winners

Jesse Castellano & Caitlin Shea
Project: The Kick It Club & Web Video Series
Wins: $318